James P. Quinn

James Patrick Quinn is an English musician, guitarist and songwriter, his playing heavily influenced by classic rock, psychedelia and the technical guitar wizardry of the 1980’s. 
In his early days he joined forces with singer-songwriter The Fuze as session guitarist in the band ‘The Few’, a mod inspired pop project, and later the band ‘String’ a strange mix of 
drum and bass, pop vocals and wild metal guitars.
Later, having toured with Rubicon (most of the members of ‘Fields Of the Nephilim‘) in his band ‘Bombchild’(with Andy J. Davies and Pat Walters – ex ‘Soho Roses‘/ ‘Wildhearts‘/ ‘Guns ‘n’ Wankers‘), he was asked to join the touring line up of ex Nephilim drummer and guitarist brothers Nod and Paul Wright’s band‘Last Rites‘, doing several tours with the group,notably the European tour in 2002 with ‘Genitorturers’ and ‘DKay.com'(Jurgen Engler from Die Krupps).After touring East Germany with extreme metal band ‘Gilla Bruja‘, Sirens of Light began as a co-writing studio project in 2004 with producer andmusician Andy J. Davies.Since then, he has worked on several different musical projects including ‘Delany‘, a mix of classic blues rock, psychedelia, metal and progressive rock featuring singer from ‘Rubicon‘, Andy Delany.